Here are some descriptions of our facilities and studio based work here in Kuggen, and also som regulations.

High and Low
We have two studios on floor two in Kuggen, they are named High and Low. These can be used at all times by the students, and contain kitchen, wood workshop, painting room, electric workshop, 3D printer, color printer and loads of different design materials. High is available as a design studio at all times, while Low is sometimes used for lectures. In order for you to use the machines and chemicals, you should read and sign a security regulation sheet (see instructions below).

It is up to the students that the studios looks ok, and that things are placed where they are intended to. There is a studio manager, who makes sure that we have all the materials needed, and to whom you can report about things you wish or things that do not work.

Group rooms:
Need a group room?
There are basically 2 options
- Book a room in Lindholmen Science Park, either by talking to the reception or sending an e-mail to
- Book a room in one of the campus buildings, Svea, Patricia etc by using TimeEdit,

Routines for 3D printer
All plans for using the 3D printer should be cleared with a teacher. When the teacher has accepted, the studio manager should be responsible for the actual printing and handling of the machine.

Routines for materials in locked closets
A teacher, technical assistant or studio manager is responsible for the use of the materials and technology stored in the locked closets, and they also have the key.

Routines for soldering
Soldering is only permitted inside the electric workshop and the wood workshop rooms in High.

Studio safety instructions
You should not wear anything inside the workshop that can get tangled up in the machines, clothes with wide arms, jewellery etc.
If you have long hair, tie it up or tuck it inside your clothes.
You must wear shoes inside the workshop.
You should always wear safety glasses if you use any machine or if you work with chemicals. If you are inside the studio when a machine is being used you should wear hear protection. Coats are available at the hangers outside the studio to protect your clothes.
If the machines are being used, there can be a maximum of four persons inside the wood workshop. There can only be one person using a machine at a time. You should never disturb a person that is working with a machine.
Machines can’t be plugged in to sockets without emergency stops. You should always know where the emergency stop is before you start using a machine.
Always make sure that you have a fire extinguisher available before starting to use a machine.
You should always keep all parts of your body (especially your hands) away from a running machine’s moving parts.
Always secure the piece you are working on.
All things that produce heat, soldering stations, hot glue guns, irons, Styrofoam cutters etc. must be connected to a timer. Soldering is only permitted inside the electric workshop and the wood workshop in High.
Painting is only allowed in the paint room located between High and Low and should preferably be done in the fume cupboard.
Always turn off a machine when you´re done with it.
Safety data sheet for chemicals are located in the paint room and should be used in case of an accident, both to know how to start treatment immediately and to inform medical staff about the chemical.
Leftover paint and other chemicals should be disposed of by placing them in the safety cabin in the paint room. You are not allowed to dispose of it in other way.
You should always clean up after yourself.