Master thesis presentations in June

A few notes for master thesis students planning to present in June.

Don’t forget that you will both need an opponent, and be an opponent. You don’t have to be opponent the same date that you present, but avoid waiting with being opponent, the risk is that you might have to wait for it (since there is no guarantee when in the fall there will be presentations).
You find an opponent for your presentations, as well as a presentation to be opponent for, on your own, and suggest this to the master thesis course manager Thommy (
If you have trouble finding this, you can get tips from Thommy.

Booking presentation
Only your supervisor can book your presentation. The supervisor does this when he or she judge that your master thesis is almost complete.

Having the exam reported before the summer
After your presentation, there might be a quite long process; you will most likely have changes to do on the report, your supervisor might need to be involved in this, the examiner (Staffan or in some cases Olof) will have to examine your finalized report, and this will have to be reported to the student administrators.
Due to all these factors we can’t guarantee that your grade will be reported before summer (after all, we can’t guarantee that you will fix the errors in the report quick enough). However, we will do what is possible to report grade for everyone that is ready.
The student administrators’ deadline for reporting grades are June 21st.

Late presentations
The last official presentation is June 9th.
There will be extra presentations dates after the summer, most likely in September and October, depending on the status of the different master thesis projects that are bot presented before summer.