Here is a list of students in the second year of IXDCTH that first year students can contact for any type of question.

YEAR 2015 - 2016

Hi everyone! I'm Elise and I'm originally from Gothenburg, but have made a few stops along the way, so you might as well call me Australian and Irish as well as Swedish.
I come from a bachelor in Information Technology in Galway, Ireland, and started this degree last year after two years' work in the industry. I'm following (somewhat inadvertently) the Entertainment and Social Media track and so far I've enjoyed every minute of it!
I have a tendency to get interested in everything so while I'm currently engrossed in transitioning into design, I'm also involved in volunteering for various events, a dedicated swing dancer, a singer and, most recently, a gamer, both of board and video games.
Feel free to contact me for whatever reason, be it course related, chalmers related or moving-to-gothenburg related.
You can reach me at elisekarlsson[] or elisek[]
See you soon!

Hey, I’m Fredrik and here is the part where I talk a bit about myself. I like games, talk to me about games. And courses. If I have not taken a course myself I will be able to direct you to someone that hopefully has.
I’ve been a student here at Chalmers for the past five years, where I’ve been studying Software Engineering before starting IxD last fall. I hail from a small town called Mölnlycke located just outside Gothenburg, where I studied before starting at Chalmers. So you could say that I’m fairly well versed at both Chalmers and Gothenburg. So go ahead and ask me about those things too.

YEAR 2014 - 2015

Name: Johanna Glembo
Before coming to IXD I took the IT bachelor programme at Chalmers. Before that, when I was 19 I was in a serious sky diving accident and my whole life changed. Now, many years later, I am as good as new (almost) and are finally able to be who I was meant to. I am very interested in tangible interaction and gamification, and my aim is to provide technology so well designed that the user doesn’t even think about it when they use it. This program is even better than I thought it would be. One of the reasons is all the great people here. Also, I have learnt that the best way to get good results is to collaborate, so remember to share and discuss your ideas.
My main other interests apart from technology are writing books, doing yoga, travelling and spending time with friends and family, and I love exploring and learning about all sorts of things.I don't know what I will work with, but I know it will be exiting and fun.
I am here for you if you want to ask something or just talk about your situation, so just get hold of me on mail, johanna.glembo(&), or in school (preferably). Good luck with your studies!

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YEAR 2013 - 2014

Name: Daniel Shai Gunnarsson
Program: Computer Science Engineer and now on master level on IxD taking the Interface Design and Information visualization track. I Will, after the summer, be starting my second year of the master.
About me: "I'm the best man, I did it" - Eli Porter. I live by these words every day. Not because I see myself as the best (I might be, don't get me wrong), but because I want to strive for perfection. Not real perfection, that is impossible. But reasonable perfection. I enjoy visualization challenges and finding solutions to problems people don't know they have, a true Engineer so to speak. There are also a lot of other things that I enjoy but the list is too long for this text, ask me instead! Or just ask me about something important.
Contact: gsn.daniel[]

Name: Alessandro Suraci
Hi everybody, my name is Alessandro and I come from Rome, Italy. I will start my second year in the IxD&T program this september. I'm following the Interface Design and Information Visualization track, but I also took some courses out of it. Before coming here I graduated as an Industrial Designer in 2010 and worked as Web Designer for an advertising company for the following two years. I'm a passionate designer, hard worker, stubborn when it comes to details. Visual and interaction design are my food as I always try to make things work smoothly and look great! Apart from that I love singing and I have a severe addiction to science-fiction. If you feel you need help for anything don't hesitate to write me. Live long and prosper, Alessandro.
email contact: alessandro.suraci[]

Name: David Schneller
Hey, I am David from Germany. I studied computer science before and am now studying IxD&T because I want to be more than the average programmer. During my last job I noticed that it is nice to work with and as a designer and to create products that are enjoyable to use. I try to set my priorities in terms of tracks on Interface Design but I also took tangible interaction, tabletop interaction and social media. So I am everything but a game developer. With no prior design education or experience in tools like Photoshop I am working on improving and becoming a decent designer. Feel free to write me an email or say hello when you see me and you have a question or want to play a round of Street Fighter 4 or Magic the Gathering.
german blog:
email: davidsc[]

Name: Petras Sukys
I am currently studying Interaction Design and Technologies and going to be 2nd year Master student from September 2013. I am following the game developer track here. As soon as I've learned a bit about programming I started to tinker and program small games here and there and was thinking of doing that for the rest of my life because I like programming and I like games. Previously I have been studying Applied Mathematics but never wandered off to far from game programming. I have even working as one and I would like to live from that. Apart from the technical background, I like reading good fantasy books, bicycling, playing various various kind of games and hanging around with friends. If you have any questions (regarding the programme, the track or not), feel free to contact me.

Name: Cyrill Averbeck
I studied electrical engineering before I came to Sweden to follow the Master in Interaction Design. These are quite different subjects, but I do not regret the turnaround. IxD offers all the aspects I've been missing in my previous studies. Be it the focus on the user or prototyping new ideas or having fun. I followed mainly courses of the gameplay design track and information visualisation. Not necessarily because I strive to become a game designer, but because I am interested in the course contents. This is also the reason why I took Agile Development methods.
Besides my studies I enjoy meeting people and trying out new discoveries. This includes everything from new sports to new gadgets.
If you have any questions about the programme or anything else feel free to contact me either in person or per email.

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YEAR 2012 - 2013

Name: Edvard Rutström
Program: Information Technology, Game Design track on the Interaction Design and Technologies master program. Starting my second year of the master program after the summer.
About me: Hyper-energetic game maker mainly interested in the design and programming components of game creation. Feels that there is a lot of unexplored terrain around the subject of game mechanics. Started programming at the same time as I began studying at Chalmers. Native Gothenburger (from the northeastern parts of town) with a strong love for the Gothenburgish culture as well as the town itself. Wishes to incorporate more of our beloved Gothenburgish culture into gaming experiences.
Contact me:
rutstrom[ ]

Name: Juan Wendeus
Nationality: Colombian
Background: Industrial Designer
Track: Social Media and Entertainment
Contact: info[ ]
Bio: If they want to know more about me they can contact me or visit my portfolio at

Name: Laura Rebolo
Nationality: Portuguese
Educational Background: Computer Engineering (Highschool + BSc.)
IxD Track: Social Media and Entertainment
About: I'm an international-minded student who loves traveling and music, among other things. After quite a while dabbling on pure computer science I found out that Interaction Design suits my creative needs, without losing the logical approach I learned before.
Contact: rebolo[]

Name: Sefat Chowdhury
Nationality: Bangladesh
Educational Background: B. Sc. in Computer Engineering
IxD Track: User Interface Design and Information Visualization
About me: I love classic Rock, playing Stratocaster and travelling. My passion lies in Usability Engineering and my unconscious push me to being a perfectionist when it comes to creating elegant, intuitive and robust User Interface. After all, Information is Beautiful and so as it should be perceived by everyone. :)
Contact: sefatz[]

Name: Xinyun Yao,
Nationality: China.
IxD track: Entertainment games and social media, I also take some course of tangible interaction in the blanket schedule.
Background: I enter Chalmers in 2011, September. Before this I learn Industrial Design, so this is my academic background.
My contact is:
email xinyun[ ]
MSN cynthiarhyme[ ]

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