Welcome to Designing User Experiences

Groups for Ex4 (Pandemia)

As suggested by some and, since I've noticed a very strong clustering in the class, I took it upon me to create groups for the Pandemia exercise, starting on Thursday. The groups are as follows:

Crit group A (Thur 3/3 13.15-15.00)
Jonatan, Johan, Erik
Kari & Carl
Dominik & Amarins
Peter Anette & Linus
Mohamed, Hannes W, Malin
Doni, Björn, Claudia
Magnus, Amanda, Menghan

Crit group B (Thur 3/3 15.15-17.00)
Elke & Kevin
Azer, Therese, Steffen
John, Tim, AlexandER
György, Anton, Sebastian
Simon, Ronak, Anna
Christoffer & AlexandRE
Emil R, Ida, Emil Å

Schedule changes!

Due to requests from a few of you AND as per discussed in the course evaluation meeting yesterday, I'm moving up the introduction to the Home Exam. I'll run it twice; this Monday after the lecture, and Thursday, before the exercise. Moreover, my PhD-student and our co-teacher Dimitrios Gkouskos had to move his PhD defense to Monday the 7th. Since this is the culmination of five years of our work, I want to be there. Thus, I'm moving that supervision session, and also adding a second session on Tuesday the 8th.

If you want to, you are most welcome to visit Dimi's dissertation - you can see it as a way to freshen up what he talked about in his lectures!. It takes place 13.15 Monday the 7th of March in Torg Grön, Patricia. It takes ca 3 hours, but the juicy stuff is the first 25-40 minutes, when his work is being presented. You can skip the following discussion/defense-part if you like.

See updated schedule below, changes are bold.
Where: Lectures, crits and literature seminars in Low, exercises in High and all over the place.
When: Times are Mondays 13.15-16, Thursdays 13.15-17.00

Mon 22/2 13:15 Lecture, Critical Design + Home Exam Intro
Thur 25/2 9:15 Lit, Critical Design
Thur 25/2 13.15 Home Exam Intro repeated + Ex 4 Critical Design part I

Mon 29/2 13:15 Ex 4 Critical Design part II
Thur 3/3 9:15 Ex 4 Critical Design part III
Thur 3/3 13.15-15.00: Crit, group A
Thur 3/3 15.15-17.00 Crit, group B

Mon 7/3 9-12 Home exam supervision
(Mon 7/3 13.15 Dimitrios Gkouskos dissertation, topic "User Experience Insight: Steering Experience Design Through Meaningful Incorporation". Torg Grön, Patricia)
Tue 8/3 9-16: Home exam supervision
Thur 10/3 9-16: Home exam supervision

A 30-min presentation slot per person during this week.

Welcome to the course Designing User Experiences!

It starts Monday the 18th of January, at 13.15 sharp, rom Low, house Kuggen, campus Lindholmen. It runs Mondays 13.15-16.00 and Thusrdays 09.00-17.00. Course content at a glance:

Designing interactive systems it often, but not always about designing for efficiency. However, it is just as important to design the experience of use, as the functionality of the artifact in itself, although they are closely intertwined. Apart from designing for efficiency, we can also aim for playfulness, criticism, embodiment or various emotions (e.g. fear, joy, comfort), all of which create different user experiences. In this course we will look closer at different kinds of user experiences and discuss and practice how to design for them.

For more info, read the Course PM (under Files) to get a grip on what happens when why! :)

Do note that all other information about this course will be found in Ping-Pong for the course's students only -- so don't forget to register!

See you then!

...Sus Lundgren Lyckvi