Welcome to Human-centred design

Welcome to the Human-Centered Design course (TDA486, TIA100)

We hope that this course will be inspiring and allow you to further develop your skills as interaction designers. Human-centered design (HCD) has for quite some time developed from being a hype in commercial companies to transform into more or less an integrated part of professional practices. However, one might think that HCD is a great solution for all design problems in all situations. Nothing could be more wrong. We will therefore make our very best in both introducing you to the fantastic world of HCD as well as help you gain insights in when and when not HCD is applicable. We will also show how HCD is a development of User-Centered Design (UCD) but with some important and perhaps fundamental differences. There is also critique against both HCD and UCD where some scholars argue that too much focus on the user will not lead to revolutionary solutions.

We hope that this course will be an excellent opportunity for you to move away from being a 'student of interaction design' and instead shift form into becoming an Interaction Designer with attitude and confidence. We see this course as a mutual learning experience where all participants in the course collaborates, contributes, and push boundaries.

The first activity will be on Wednesday 2/9, 10:00 - 17:00, LOW, where Jonas Landgren will kick-off this course by giving an introduction the course .

Jonas Landgren (Course Responsible and Teacher) http://ait.gu.se/kontaktaoss/personal/jonas_landgren/