Welcome to Designing User Experiences

Final Exams

Via Ping-Pong I have emailed you a Doodle-link where you can book a time for the oral exam. If you did not get this email, email Sus(!) to get the link. Your presentation should be ca 10 minutes long, and then we spend another 10-15 minutes on questions and feedback. Also, we've updated the Home Exam description to clearly say that whatever you design needs to have a digital interactive part.

Schedule changes

Due to the concern expressed by the class representatives that there is too little time to work on the home exam, and also too little time to digest the Space&Time-theme before the home-exam we have made some schedule changes, most notably moving the Crit for ex 4 from Thursday the 12th to Monday the 19th, and moving the home exam deadline to Monday the 16th 18.00 (one extra day). Check out the user friendly schedule!

First week + Crit groups

Under "Files" to the right you can now see that there is a user-friendly version of the schedule to download. There you can for instance see that your first Lit Seminar is on Monday! Also, you can see that the class has been divided into two crit groups, A+B, for exercise crits, which of course means that you have to find an exercise partner within your crit group.

Group A: Surnames A-M, go to Low
Group B: Surnames N-Z, go to 3rd floor

(Four double last names, the first one counts, e.g. Samuelsson Gamboa = S).

Welcome to Designing User Experiences!

The course starts Monday the 19th of January, at 13.15 in room Low, 2nd floor in house Kuggen, Lindholmen campus. The course runs Mondays 13.15-16.00 and Thursdays 9.00-17.00.