Welcome to Graphical Interfaces

MatchMaster FAQ

Q: Can I use a drop-down menu for making advanced search or filtering settings, or similar things?
A: Yes!
Q: Can I have some sort of tab or toggle to show alternate views of things?
A: Eh. It depends. If your original view still fulfills all the demands of the interface, and you toggled view just provides extra info, then yes.
Q: Do I have to show a persons SLOAN type, and when I show connections based on SLOAN likes/dislikes, do I have to show intensity too?
A: No, you don't have to show a person's SLOAN type, it's not interesting per se. What is interesting is how they feel about each other.. so of course showing intensity of a relation is a wee bit better than not showing it.


Q: Can I have more than just the up/down state on the blinds?
A: Yes, if you want to. It provides more control for the user but of course also makes your interface a wee bit harder to manage.
Q: Baseline settings. Please explain...?
A: In programming lingo baseline settings are the same as the default values, i.e. if there is no rule in play, then what happens? E.g. if nothing else is being stated by a rule, then what is the indoor temperature? (The answer to that question is the baseline setting.) 'Cause you don't want your system to crash or turn off indoor heating just because it does not know what to do.
Q: Can I have individual baseline settings on each lamp?
A: Yes, if you want to. However it then needs to be very clear to you users that they have different baseline states, and what those are.
Q: There's no information on screen size or resolution...?
A: No. :) Pixels are not the issue here. Google it and then make a some sort of deliberate decision.

Book a time for your oral exam

Via Ping-Pong I have sent you an email with a link to a Doodle where you can book a slot for your oral exam. Don't forget to book! If you for some reason haven't gotten that mail, email me (Sus) and I'll give you the link; I don't want to make it public here.

Supervision of IPs

We supervise IPs Wednesday the 17th of Dec and Wednesday the 7th of Jan. If you want supervision, go find Sus or Armin in the open area outside High and Low, and book a slot on their respective papers.You can of course ask us questions per email, but, given it''s Christmaas, do not expect swift replies or a detailed analysis of sent-in designs.

Cooper-test: who goes where

Surnames A-K go to Jupiter 243
Surnames L-Ö go to Low!!!

Schedule for Dragon's Gold presentations the 3rd

Alright! Finally you get to see what everyone else has been doing! You have ten minutes to present + five minutes for questions/comments, and you present on your own computer. It's two sessions: you only have to attend the one you're presenting in.

Forenoon session:
09.00-09.15: Group 2
09.20-09.35: Group 11
09.40-09.55: Group 3
10.10-10.25: Group 14
10.30-10.45: Group 9
10.50-11.05: Group 8
11.20-11.35: Group 10
11.40-12.00: Group 15

Afternoon session:
13.00-13.15: Group 5
13.20-13.35: Group 12
13.40-13.55: Group 6
14.10-14.25: Group 4
14.30-14.45: Group 13
14.50-15.05: Group 1
15.20-15.35: Group 7
15.40-16.00: Group 16

The order is by no means random: we have tried to make sure that all different ways to design negotiation is present in both sessions. So if you really really, really need to change slots for some reason, change with a group within your session.

141120 Schedule for Dragon's Gold check-up-meetings

On Wednesday (the 26th) each group gets to meet a supervisor for feedback on their Dragon's Gold project. When and where will be as follows:

Meetings with Sus in the seminar room floor 3
09.45-10.15: Group 1
10.15-10.45: Group 2
11.00-11.30: Group 3
11.30-12.00: Group 4

Meetings with Armin in Low
09.45-10.15: Group 5
10.15-10.45: Group 6
11.00-11.30: Group 7
11.30-12.00: Group 8

Meetings with Min in the sofas, floor 3
09.45-10.15: Group 9
10.15-10.45: Group 10
11.00-11.30: Group 11
11.30-12.00: Group 12

Meetings with Kristina in the open area on floor 2, probably in the small group of chairs+table next to the bridge to Jupiter
09.45-10.15: Group 13
10.15-10.45: Group 14
11.00-11.30: Group 15
11.30-12.00: Group 16

141119 Protocol from 1st course evaluation meeting

Last Wednesday we had the first meeting with the class representatives -- see the protocol under Files (please read it...): the major topic for discussion was the Cooper test, which was also addressed last Monday. Next meeting is the 10th of December - if you have something you want us to change or improve contact either teachers directly, or your representatives: Annalisa, Johannes, Malin or Frida H!

141113 Dragon's Gold project starts soon!

Via Ping-Pong I (=Sus) have communicated the Dragon's Gold groups to you as a PIM, this is for privacy reasons (and the PUL-law). We will create "real" Ping-Pong groups for you next week.
   As you can see in the user-friendly schedule (under Files...) the project starts with me explaining the project and the rules of the game on Monday Morning, 09.00 in Quark (house Patricia, 2 stairs up and directly to the left). Then, groups 9-16 go to High and test-play the game, the rest stay for a lecture if they like. DO NOT PLAY WITH OTHERS IN YOUR GROUP, instead play in different groups to explore how different games and negotiation styles evolve. Wednesday it's game-time for groups 1-8 and lecture-time for groups 9-16.

Oh, and if you want to check out the game in beforehand, or perhaps see if someone has translated the rules to your native language, go to: http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/1042/dragons-gold and scroll waaaaaaaay down to Files (and note that there are several pages under there!)

PS: ...and if you want to prepare even further, read the project description, which of course also can be found under Files down to the right.

141106 Course representatives appointed

Studentcentrum has assigned the following students as course representatives: Annalisa C, Frida H, Johannes L and Malin N. The first meeting will be next week. So let us or them know if you have any specific comments, praise or concern regarding: course organization; whether it's clear or not what to do and what is being graded; whether the course "is what you think it is" (i.e. if name and learning outcomes seem to fit with what is actually being taught), etc.

141103 Your crit groups

For the exercises on the two upcoming Wednesdays, you need to work in groups of 3 students, all belonging to the same grit group. Basically, you work hard for the three hours the exercise lasts, upload it to PingPong and go to the crit-session for feedback. The crit groups are as follows:

Crit-group1: A-Eliasson: Crits in Jupiter 218
Dur A, Kinan, A, Robin A, Liza A, Jean-Elie B, Karl B, Jennie B, Jonas B, Sophie B, Louise B, Felipe B-S, Niklas C, Annalisa C, Alma C-A, Samir C, Laure C, Joyce C, Nadia C, Richard D, Adam D, Simon E.... and Frida L(!)

Crit Group 2: Feng – Odbjer: Crits in High
Qi F, Johan F, Patricia G, Anton G, Frida H, Song H, Frida J, Gudrun J, Elise K, Minna K, Tobias L, Marie L, Pak Wai L, Alexandra L, Fanny L, Johannes L, Elin M, Naveen M, Simon N, Oscar N, Malin N, Sebastian O.

Crit group 3: Olaisson – Åsberg: Crits in the seminar room on Floor 3
Mikael O, Hedda O, Anton P, Linda P, Pierre R, Mafalda S-G, Adam S, Emelie S, Gustav S,Jakob S, Gabor S, Karl S, Fredrik T, Marcus T, Velko V, Linlin W, Anna W, Olle W, Alexander Y, Emil Å... and Niclas D(!)

141103 A few changes in the schedule

After just barely having survived in a very crowded Jupiter 122 this morning, I tried to get better lecture halls for us, hence there are some new locations in the schedule now. Also two lectures have switched topics. The User-Friendly-version of the schedule (to be found under Files) has been updated accordingly,if you download it make sure the file is named scheduleGI2014_v2.pdf.

Welcome to Graphical Interfaces 2014

The course starts the 3rd of November 2014, 09.00 (sharp!!!) in Jupiter122, house Jupiter, Lindholmen campus. Welcome!

In this course you will learn interaction design-related aspects of designing a GUI (a Graphic User Interface) for desktop, i.e. how to design the behavior and appearance of any computer application/program running on the ordinary laptop. You will learn interaction design basics, how to design for different types of users, how to envision an interactive sequence and turn it into interface design. You will learn about layout and frameworks, and about how to envision information. You will learn about buildings blocks of interaction (such as buttons, menus, toolbars etc) and when and how to use them. And... much more! After the course, you should be able to design a relatively complex graphic user interface, and be able to provide a valid design rationale for it.

The course runs Mondays 09.00-11.45 and Wednesdays 09.00-17.00 in most cases.

If you want to prepare, get a copy of the course literature: About Face - The Essentials of Interaction Design by Cooper et al, Wiley, 2014. Make sure you get the fourth, brand new, edition! Oh, and register for it in case you have not done that yet.

See you there!
...Sus, Armin, Min and Kristina