Welcome to Aesthetics of Interaction

2014-02-12 Class rep meeting 2 = supervision slots

We had a class-rep meeting today. The main outcome was that since some prefer scheduled supervision slots we will, as of next week, provide a means to book scheduled supervision. When not booked, we will walk around and "drop by" as usual. We also discussed the fact that exercises are a bit unrealistic on purpose, and that some prefer top have lits before lectures, and others lectures before lits. Hence it's impossible to make everyone happy, so it has to stand back for the fact that it's nice that you've read the lits before the exercises. Maybe we can reschedule next year. Read the full details in the protocol under "Files".

2014-01-29 Class rep meeting 1

We had our first student rep meeting, no big surprises there (see protocol under Files). The next meeting will be held in two weeks, Wednesday the 12th, so talk to Sus or the course reps if you have any issues, comments or suggestions regarding:

  • Working climate (communication, level of workload, tutorials)
  • Problems with the course: can resources be better utilized?
  • Things that are ok but can be improved further
  • Whether everything is reasonably clear so far, or if there is some big topic/issue/thing that is still unclear to the majority of the class
  • Asking course-specific issues (which ones?) in Chalmers’ digital course questionnaire

    2014-01-24 Literature Groups

    Your literature groups are as follows:

    Lit group 1: Varuna, Nanna, Juntima, Simon, Jennifer, Adam, Steven, Jimmy, Amanda, Viktor.
    Lit group 2: Jennie, Cecilia, Fangzhou, Oliver, Jorge, Fredrik, Robin, William, Catherine, Lena.

    Please be on time for lit-sessions, and do notice that start-times change between weeks.

    2014-01-21 Dropping In, Dropping Out

    Either way, send me an email! And, if dropping in (welcome!) check out the intro lecture, so the assignment presented in it and start working on Lit1 and Lit0!

    2014-01-14 Schedule, Grading and Lits

    Now we have a full schedule online, as well as grading info, and if you feel insanely ambitious you can start checking out lit assignments for the first week already...(under "Files" to the bottom right of the page). Exercise descriptions and a Home exam description will be in place when we start -- the 20eth of January 2014, at 09.00 (sharp!) in room Low (house Kuggen, Lindholmen campus). Looking forward to it!

    2014-01-03 Welcome!

    Welcome to the course Aesthetics of Interaction! The course takes place Mondays 09.00-12.00 and Wednesdays 09.00-17.00 in house Kuggen, Lindholmen campus. The first lecture takes place the 20eth of January 2014, at 09.00 (sharp!) in room Low (house Kuggen, Lindholmen campus).