Welcome to Emerging trends and critical topics in interaction design

Welcome to Emerging Trends and Critical Topics in Interaction Design!

NOTE: As of Friday Nov 14, we are not using room Low for our lectures (simply because we are too many)! Please check TimeEdit to stay updated with room/location changes!

We are excited to launch this new course at the IxD program. This course will give an introduction to a number of emerging trends and topics in the field of interaction design, which are relevant to academia as well as to industry and society.

We will interweave seminars with a range of hands-on activities, so that students will get a chance to engage with the topics in different ways. One hands-on activity will run throughout the course, in which students will explore using the design workbook method to ideate early speculative designs and document these in a systematic way.

The course is structured along three main themes – technology, design, and societal challenges – in which we will discuss the emergent topics and trends and what they could mean to us as interaction designers. Topics include for example big data, robotics, design practices, and environmental sustainability.

The course starts the 4th of November at 13.15 in room Low, house Kuggen, Lindholmen campus. Welcome!

Mohammad Obaid, Sara Ljungblad, and Maria Håkansson