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This is the course web site for Graphical Interfaces. This page summarizes the basics of the course set-up.

What will we read? The course literature is this book and one chapter from anther book. The exam questions are taken from these two sources. Please make sure to get the book in time!

Cooper, A. (2007). About Face 3: The Essentials of Interaction Design, Wiley.
(Available as e-book from Chalmers Library and as print book from major bookstores)

Reimer, J. (2005). "A History of the GUI." arstechnica.com.
(available for download at https://chalmersuniversity.box.com/shared/static/zk3qsj5vzz8b6bt0pbyc.pdf)

What should I do? Browse these pages and make sure you read everything in the linked documents. They describe the course in detail. The course include the following activity:
• Lectures
• Five workshops
• One group project, including presentation and individual essay
• One individual project, including presentation
• One written exam

These are the course representatives
Please talk to any of them if you have comments about the course. You can of course talk directly to the course manager Thommy if you prefer that.
Amanda Strömsten amanda.stromsten@gmail.com
Daniel Ström d@nielstrom.se
Ida Hägglund idajaehie@gmail.com
Johanna Glembo johanna.glembo@gmail.com

Teachers? Thommy Eriksson (course manager), Sus Lundgren, Peter Börjesson, Armin Nezirevic

How do I contact the course manager? Thommy Eriksson, e-mail thommy@ituniv.se

All other questions.... First read the course-PM (see Content page), then ask Thommy (if you still need it after reading the course-PM).