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The course starts at 13:00 on Tuesday September 3rd, in Low in Kuggen, the 2nd floor. Welcome!


The course TDA289 Human - computer interaction or equivalent is required,
and the course TDA466 Methods of interaction analysis is recommended.


The course consists of both theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part presents the history and development of Human-Centred Design (HCD) from research to industrial applications. Relevant design theories and processes, such as user-centred design, rational unified process, ecological interface design and design of products for leisure and entertainment are covered in the course. Literature seminars provide additional theoretical grounding and reflection, as well as different industrial practical experience/problems where speakers representing different types of companies are invited. The practical parts consist of laboratory work with usability evaluation methods and carrying out an investigation project at industry. The industrial project will emphasize on 1) how to investigate existing design process and usability problems in products, 2) how to implement a HCD process in a specific company, and 3) how to motivate potential benefits of the usability concept and human-centred design process in industry. The project will be carried out in small groups.
Learning outcome (after completion of this course, the student should be able to)

This is an industrial project-based course. The aim of the course is to give the students comprehensive knowledge about various Human-Centered Design theories and methods in the process of designing interactive systems, with closely connected to industrial practices.

Having successfully completed this course, the student is expected to have reached the following theoretical and practical goals.

A: Theoretical goals:

- To be familiar with user-centered design process and different usability evaluation methods in deep levels.
- To have a good overview of the broad field of Human-centered design theories and practices
- To understand the advantages and limitations of different theories and methods in the area

B: Practical goals:

- To have practical experience on performing the human-centered design process for product development to be able to reach high usability level.
- To have experience in industry on how to improve the usability of different products


The course consists of lectures, literature seminars, literature home exams and industrial project.


Outcome A will be evaluated by
1. Literature home exams
2. Students presentation of literatures studies included answering questions.

Outcome B will be evaluated by
3. Industrial project reports
4. Project Group presentations to the companies which the project is carried out & in the class
The course is examined by means of home exam (grading), literature seminars (pass only), project work and documentation (pass only).

Home work files upload system

password: hcd2013


Presentation of project work: Oct. 22, 13:00 to 16:30, In VCC office (detail document in dropbox)
Project report: Oct. 25th
Home exams. Oct 28th