Interaction Design Project 1

Welcome to Interaction Design Project 1

This course is run at Chalmers department of Applied IT.

Interaction Design in Sports Events

In Sweden and many other countries we see a boom in sports events that take place outside the traditional arenas. There are more and more people, on all performance levels, that participate in races and competitions in running, cycling, skiing, swimming and so forth. In Sweden these races have become huge events with tens of thousands of participants, hundreds of thousands of viewers in the audience, arranged by big organizations, and sponsored by large companies. These events face many challenges in the introduction of new technology, creating richer experiences and interconnecting the different users; participants, audience, and organizers. The ambition of this project course is to show that Interaction Design can play an important role in the innovation process, design work and implementation of new systems in this context.

Aims of the course

This project course is an important step for the master students to become professional interaction designers. The course aims at a deepened understanding of the central design issues in interaction design by means of practical training in design projects. The aim is that after the course the student is able to:

-Motivate design rationales for decisions in an interaction design process
-Apply user evaluation methods in practice
-Apply design methods systematically
-Create and critically compare concept ideas
-Identify needs and requirements of specific intended user groups
-Pinpoint potential effects for all relevant stakeholders of a design
-Carry design projects from concept to working prototype adhering to given constraints
-Critique designs based on aesthetics and expression
-Present design proposals to a critical audience
-Present and document work through both oral and written presentation

This project course is based on the previous courses of the IxD programme, such as Methodology in Interaction Design, Prototyping in Interaction Design, and Human Centered Design.

Course responsables

Josef Wideström, Teacher and PhD student in Digital Representation
e-mail josef.widestrom(a)
Thommy Eriksson, Teacher and PhD student in Digital Representation
e-mail thommy(a)