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Project in Interaction Design and Children

The course is run by Gothenburg Working Group for Interaction Design and Children (www.IDAC.se), which is a joint venture between the Department of Applied IT at Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg and Interactive Institute Swedish ICT. IDAC and the course is located in Kuggen at Campus Lindholmen.

The course starts October 31st, 2013, in Low, Level 2 in Kuggen at Lindholmen. Welcome!

Child Computer Interaction (CCI) has emerged as a research discipline within Human Computer Interaction (HCI), where the humans are children aged 0 – 16. The field address both engineering and design, but will also be concerned with many of the communities of technologies (Smart devices, surfaces, mobile), of experiences (Play, Learning, Communication) and of methods (participatory design, evaluation).

The course offers training in working with user centered design, where the children, their parents, families, teachers and caregivers can participate as co-designers in the design process. The direct involvement of users as co-designers empowers the users to form their own tools and contexts, as well as give them increased confidence in that their meaning is important. This is the sustainable approach, where the designer and the user melt together, creating ownership.

The course will focus on interaction design and children with or without special needs, both in practice and theory. The theory of the course will consist of methods, tools, pedagogy and literature on physiological and psychological development. The practice will consist of exercises and a project out in the wild.

Some lectures will be held by invited friends and affiliates to IDAC.

Knowledge outcome

Knowledge and understanding
Describe stages of child development relevant for design
Describe methods for working with interaction design and children
Describe the similarities and differences of children and other intended user groups
Describe considerations for involving children in the design process

Skills and abilities
Create designs specifically adapted for children
Design with regards to both children and caretakers
Modify design methods to fit the context and needs of children
Identify needs and requirements for children and caretakers

Judgement and approach
Analyse designs taking into account the needs of children
Make an informed evaluation of the ethical and societal impacts of a design
Criticize designs and design proceses with respect to the needs of children

The course in short:

= 7,5 ECTS
NOTE: Grades are G/U for all


Course responsible: Eva Eriksson || eva.eriksson [] chalmers.se
Course assistant: Robert Fohlin || fohro [] student.chalmers.se
Examiner: Olof Torgersson || olof.torgersson [] ait.gu.se


There are two ways to apply for the course. Either you go to Studentcentrum and fill in a paperform with course code CIU 235 name "Project in Interaction Design".
Or you send an email to eva.eriksson [] chalmers.se and show up the first day of the course.