Tangible Interaction

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Required Knowledge:

To be eligible for the course participants must have a Bachelor degree of 180 credits.
Special requirements are the course CIU175 Prototyping in interaction design 7.5 credits or equivalent.
A course in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) 7.5 credits is also required.

Aim of Course:

After the course you will be able to demonstrate skills and knowledge in tangible interaction design and physical computing, and have developed critical thinking and design skills concerning tangible interaction techniques, strategies.

Learning Aims:

a) Knowledge and understanding
- Understand how computional technology can be used as a material for design of interactive systems
- Understand how knowledge about human cognition and motor skills can guide the design and evaluation of tangible user interfaces
- Understand and draw on theory and history of tangible interaction.
b) Skills and abilities
- Design and realize interactive prototypes using tangible interface components
- Make sensible and economic use of advanced components and corresponding techniques
- Reflect on the relation between spatiality, form, and temporality in tangible interaction design.
c) Judgement and approach
- Criticize and discuss computer-based tangible artifacts
- Question in what way computational technology is shaping our present and future society and way of life
- Reflect on sustainability issues such as energy consumption and material waste caused by novel computational systems and devices.

Course Content:

The course tangible interaction puts the skills and knowledge aquired in the prototyping course into an applied context. Tangible interaction deals with computational technology and services, as they are part of our everday lives. The course offers both theoretical and practical educational modalities. Lectures will present theory and development of tangible interaction and draws from research and commercial practice. Technologies such as sensors, actuators and embedded controllers are presented from a perspective of human interaction and use.


Refer to lecture 1 in files

Hand-in details:

Deadline for project report hand-in date: Monday 17th December, 23:59
Guidelines for project report hand-in
Deadline for individual written essay (home exam) hand-in: Saturday 22nd December, 23:59
Guidelines for individual home exam
E-mail for hand-in: tangicomp12@gmail.com (do not use for communicating to teachers)